Emote Creation

Bespoke emotes, perfectly sized for your stream.

Sized for Twitch, Discord or whatever you need, let’s cook up some emotes to add that personal touch to your community.

Some examples… live and in the wild

The perfect way to express yourself and reward your community is a set of emotes that reflect you and what you are doing on the platform.

If you have 2 or 200 emote slots we can work together to come up with either a refresh or new addition I can cover a range of styles from gaming, realism, anime or manga or build on your existing style.

Emotes fully sized, transparent and pretty much ready to load into your programed

Emotes only – £20 each

Sized for Twitch and Discord.

Emotes and full sized artwork – £50

Take your favorite emote to the next level, all sized for Twitch and Discord, but I’ll also supply as a 3000 x 3000 px 300dpi image – perfect for merch!

Each emote will be supplied with the approprate licence, giving you full transparancy. I retain the right to use the artwork in my portfolio.

Contact me on twitter – @AirGuitaristTV