Welcome to the Road Crew.

I’m Chris and I’m a Digital Artist, Streamer and it’s great to see you!


Art and gaming on the regular, I’d love for you to get involved


Twitch ready designed emotes, all shapes and the right sizes

Digital Art

I love to share my passion with others


From Fan art to full branding and overlays – let’s make it happen

”Building a community that loves art and gaming.”

I have been an avid artist and gamer since he picked up his first control pad at the age of 5, right after he put down his pencils. Fond memories of playing Mario Bros on the NES are coupled with drawing on the back of old rolls of wallpaper, creating 10 meter long pictures of all of his favorite gaming icons.

5 years ago I took the plunge into Streaming when I was made redundant from work, Terraria was my game of choice and it helped me build a community of followers. Taking the lunge and opening up my artistic side to the community was the next natural step!

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